Sometimes, we tend to ignore some symptoms of the unbearable diseases of our animals. It is hard for us to identify their illnesses so we tend to ignore a lot of things that they are experiencing. It is a basic knowledge for us that they can be poisoned or toxicities when they eat something that is not applicable to them. Drinking dirty water from the ditch could also be another way to inherit virus and bacteria that may result to serious illness to their body. There are many ways to be infected with some sickness, it could be through air, skin and even to their eyes. That is why Four paw dog treats always makes sure that the content of the food will not be mixed with any harmful agents and chemicals when it is being processed.

There are different symptoms and results to the dog which is suffering from food poison. Some may take up many hours before you can see the symptom but there are some that it can cause death immediately to them. It would also depend to the health status and immune system of the pet. Even if they have completed their vaccinations and immunization, if they are poisoned there will be a high possibility that they will die if you don’t seek for immediate action and remedy.

Let’s look at some of the common symptoms that they may suffer:

  1. They don’t like to eat foods. Even the food is very delicious, they won’t take any bite. You would notice that the last day he was eating a lot and now he doesn’t even try to lick or smell it. If he is not trying to pick his food for a couple of days, then you need to do some action and check your vet immediately.
  2. It is not literally normal for dogs to be drooling the whole time and day. Too much of this kind of actions means that there is something wrong in the body. You need to call the attention of the doctor.
  3. Like humans, when we eat something that is already spoiled then we usually vomit. The same thing with dogs, it is one of the common indications that they are experiencing poisoning. There could be some blood from their puke and that is one thing that you should consider to send them immediately to the vet.
  4. Aside from vomiting, dogs can experience severe diarrhea if there is something wrong in their stomach. The same thing with vomit, if there is some blood with their fecal, that is a sign already that they are suffering from body toxin.
  5. They don’t like to move or to coordinate with you could have a lot of meanings. Maybe, they are just tired of lazy for that time. But, having this kind of behavior for a week would mean a different one. It could be the dog’s immune system is getting worse and bad.

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