Sorting for Your Flatpack or Custom-Made Built-In Wardrobe

We know you love clothes because you keep on shopping for them. So here is the constant struggle you have to face: your clothes may increase in number but your wardrobes may stay in their sizes forever. There’ll be that day where you can no longer squeeze in another pair of shoes, a shirt, or a dress. There’ll also be moments where it’ll take forever just to find pieces that you like to wear for that day. Or have we already reached those predicaments, ladies, and gentlemen? If yes, it’s high time for you to clear the wardrobe. We suggest you do some serious sorting before you’ll jump to sprucing up your wardrobe through flatpack or custom-made built in wardrobe.

Your Flatpack

Many interior spaces of wardrobes aren’t fully utilized. The reason for this might be the owner’s lack of ideas on maximizing storage. Wardrobe interior spaces include top shelves. They also have bars for the hangers. If not maintained well, top shelves can be sort of a vacuum where you’ll have a difficult time rummaging your things there. Things in this vacuum will end up collecting dust. How should you go about this? Empty your things in your wardrobe and sort them. Gather all of your casual tops and bottoms, office staples, and your formal garments. Next is to do the allocation of the wardrobe itself? Where will you hang your long dresses? Where will you keep everyday clothing? Make sure that they’re easy to recognize. The third step in sorting is to use wardrobe accessories. They vary from pull-out shoe shelves, wire baskets, and other components. The key to efficient use of these wardrobe accessories is to assign them with things they need to store- pull-out shoe shelves for your everyday footwear; wire baskets for your towels; and other components for your accessories perhaps.

Next thing would be to measure the width and height of the wardrobe for you will be choosing between a flatpack or custom made.

Flatpack? or Custom Made?

Flatpack and custom made are your two options to spruce up storage capabilities of your wardrobe. Consult your trusty interior design magazines for references on wardrobe designs. You might be thinking, these well-organized wardrobes are all custom made? In actuality, a good number of them use modular flatpacks. It’ll be good for you if you’ll be able to find all modules that perfectly fit into the existing space. This means more money to save. It’ll also be a fun and moreover personal immersion to do a flatpack for your wardrobe.

On the contrary, if the designs you have in mind are more complex than the ones being offered by flatpacks, going to the custom-made built in wardrobe routes are the one for you. This will involve moderate to heavy carpentry work. Since this will be handled by professionals, you’ll be ensured that the eventual output will be of high-quality as they have the know-how to operate. You’ll also receive sound advice on wardrobe maintenance. This type of wardrobe spruces up can actually be inexpensive for it is designed to last- no need to buy for remedial flatpacks in cases of damage.